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PEM Sheet Metal Ltd - Standard Conditions of Quotation


Unless otherwise specified the following apply to quotations.


Quotations supplied by PEM Sheet metal are valid for 60 days from the date of issue.


Stated lead times are based on current production loading at the time of quotation and should be considered indicative only and are subject to change. However PEM will always endeavour meet these times.

Standard Tolerances

Unless specified the following tolerances apply;


  • Dimensions stated to integer numbers e.g. 65mm +/- 0.5mm
  • Dimensions stated to 1 decimal place e.g. 65.5mm +/- 0.2mm
  • Dimensions stated to 2 decimal places e.g. 65.50mm +/- 0.1mm
  • Dimensions across bends +/- 0.3 mm
  • Angular dimensions stated to integer numbers e.g. 90 +/- 0.5 deg


We can, of course, work to other tolerances but we must be made aware of these at the quotation stage.
Dimensional tolerances will be correct before any processing. Processes such as painting, plating and galvanising will alter hole sizes etc. Unless stated PEM Sheet metal assumes these effects have been taken into account on the drawing.


Computer Models


PEM can easly quote and work from computer models in most formats. We will quote assuming we can import the model into our manufaturing systems. It is the customers resonsiblity to insure that the model is correct. For instance, if a model has a hole 22 mm from an edge but a dimension or note has been added stating say 21mm our systems will produce to the model not the note.


Issue Control

PEM maintains rigourous  issue control however this will be compromised if quotations or orders are placed or requested without explicitly stating the issue required. It is also important that if a sub component has been up issued that the issue status of the main assembly is amended. It is the customers responsiblity to insure that quotation requests, drawings, models and orders correctly show the required issue.



PEM Sheet metal will not unnecessarily disclose drawings or information to third parties. However if we require subcontract services such as painting or silk-screening information may need to be submitted to selected firms. Unless instructed otherwise PEM Sheet metal will endeavour to hold drawings and manufacturing information for a minimum period of one year. We cannot guarantee this however as physical drawings become soiled and damaged during production. Production information in electronic formats will be retained on our servers indefinitely.



PEM Sheet metal can advise on RoHS compliance however for products that we do not design, but just subcontract manufacture, the ultimate responsibility for RoHS lies with the customer and or the designer. We will manufacture exactly to the specification submitted.



PEM Sheet metal’s standard payment terms are NET MONTHLY i.e. payment is due the end of the month following the invoice date.
Goods and any intellectual rights remain the property of PEM Sheet metal until paid for in full.

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